Walker Real Estate Services, LLC
Pasadena, CA


Real Estate? Every stakeholder sees a property differently. For the investor, it’s an asset. From the financier’s perspective there’s potential risk. The community sees either a great addition or a problem. For the prospective tenant it’s a workplace. Not only do they see the real estate differently, they have different expectations — from a financial return to an improved business district to happy employees.

Walker Real Estate Services understands that a successful development finds the balance among competing points of view and works with the entire team to create a quality project that more than meets expectations.

As an independent development manager, we bring organizational leadership to the process, collaborating closely with the principals to focus on the critical issues in an informed and timely way. From the entitlement and city conditions review through consultant and contractor selection to project oversight, we work with our clients to gain consensus, build quality and create value.

The disruption of the economy had made real estate development ever more challenging. Yet, as the market recovers there is once again demand for high quality, well-leased assets — properties that are thoughtfully planned, beautifully
designed and carefully managed. Helping companies develop such enduring, distinctive properties is exactly what we do at Walker Real Estate Services.

Tim Walker works with businesses to help realize the full value of properties and create competitive advantage with integrated, insistent and innovative programs that reinforce business goals with quality design. In 2004, he established his own development advisory practice, Walker Real Estate Services working with clients on all aspects of development.

During his tenure as the head of marketing for Maguire Properties, Mr.Walker worked hand-in-hand with teams of architects and designers as well as development professionals to build one of the most powerful brands in the real estate industry. He brings an understanding of the importance of customer experience and quality design to the business of development

Mr. Walker’s work in development is informed by his work as a designer. Prior to joining Maguire Properties, his company, Walker Associates Inc. (Los Angeles - San Francisco - New York), was the design firm of choice for a number of leading corporations until it was sold to a NYSE-listed firm in 1987.

As an active leader in the Los Angeles community; he shares his vision and energies with numerous arts and civic organizations. He was a Founder of MOCA and a Second Wave Founder of LACMA. An alumnus of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree cum laude, he served as a board member from 1986 to 96 chairing the Real Estate & Facilities Committee, which oversaw a $25 million expansion to the campus.